We handle the tough stuff, so your focus stays on growth and client success. Let’s conquer the digital terrain together – securely and confidently.

Mission Statement

To empower your business to scale with unshakeable confidence.

Vision Statement

Redefining security, empowering businesses to grow.

Heart of Everything we do

Dependable & Reliable

We commit to being a team on which everyone can depend and rely on confidently.

Transparent & Open

We embrace a culture of openness, feedback, and honesty to continuously improve and grow together.

Empathy & Compassion

We emphasize the well-being and understand the needs of the communities we serve.

Meet the Team

Timothy Swaney

Chief Executive Officer

Timothy Swaney is a Navy vet turned entrepreneur, who thrives on exploring uncharted territories.

Vishnu Sivadas

Chief Technology Officer

Vishnu Sivadas is an entrepreneur and investor who has a vision to take his business ventures to the next level.

Christopher Whiddon

Vice President, Operations

Christopher Whiddon is an Air Force veteran who excels in problem-solving through data analysis.

Secure Growth with Scalable Solutions

Our cybersecurity solutions grow with your business. As your company gets bigger, our solutions easily adapt to your changing needs. You can focus on growing your business while we keep you secure.

Stay ahead with our tips on the latest tools and trends. We are committed to keeping you safe and giving you the knowledge and tools to succeed in the fast-changing digital world.

You Deserve Expert Cybersecurity

At WatchUr6, we understand the unique challenges your business faces. Our expert strategies ensure your data is protected and your business stays secure. Trust us to safeguard your digital landscape so you can focus on what you do best.