Peace of Mind Assurance

Risk Assessment & Management

Leverage our risk assessments for your strategic play. We pinpoint the cyber threats before they appear, plotting your safe course forward.

  • Detailed Vulnerability Analysis: Spot and strategize.
  • Custom Remediation Plans: Turn insights into action.
  • Ongoing Risk Consultations: Stay ahead, always.
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Reputation Shield

Security Program Development

Build a digital fortress with by developing your Information Security Program. It’s not just about protection—it’s about building an untouchable reputation.

  • Policy Development: Craft the rules that protect.
  • Response Planning: Prep for any incident.
  • Compliance Assurance: Tick every regulatory box.
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Firm Scalability Enhancer

Cybersecurity Training & Awareness

Strengthen your client’s protection with our cybersecurity training. From new hires to season pros, we empower your team with knowledge and skills to defend what matters.

  • Tailored Training Modules: Fit your firm’s unique needs.
  • Phishing Simulation Drills: Sharpen your defenses.
  • Continuous Learning Paths: Keep skills sharp and current.
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Security & Compliance Navigator

Qualified Individual (QI) Service

With our QI service, compliance isn’t just a checklist—it’s your competitive advantage. We’ll steer you clear of compliance traps, keeping you focused on winning.

  • Expert Compliance Oversight: Keep your firm in check.
  • Policy Enforcement Support: Solidify your cyber stance.
  • Regular Compliance Updates: Evolve with the rules.
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Tailored For You

Custom Solutions for Every CPA Firm's Unique Needs

Your Firm is unique, and we believe your security strategy should be too. We create customized, tailored, and bundled service packages that align perfectly with your unique needs.